The Freedom Thief

The statement “freedom is not free” resonates with those who understand the sacrifices our military has made for us to enjoy enduring freedom.  In our modern society, the freedom that we enjoy is often under attack.  Thankfully there are men and women that continue to stand up and pay the price of freedom.  In a similar fashion, Jesus paid the price of our freedom.  Christ paid our debt and bondage of sin through His death on the cross.  Galatians 4 reminds us of a powerful story in contrast between bondage and freedom.  The story of Sarah and Hagar remind us of what God has done to set us free from the bondage of sin and the law.  Just as many in our society today attempt to rob us of our freedom, there are many that are attempting the same with our spiritual liberty in Christ.  This Sunday as we look at Galatians 5 we will be warned about those that rob us of our freedom and be encouraged to “stand fast in the liberty that Christ has made us free.”