The Bible and Racism

In recent months there has been an obvious increase in tension among race relations in America. In fact the tension seems to be building with each news cycle covering stories focusing on crime that happens to be one race against a differing race. In a recent survey done by CBS News and the New York Times people are more pessimistic about race relations than any time since the early 90’s riots revolving around the Rodney King situation. The majority of Americans at 57% in the same survey said the race relations are bad and 38% feel they are getting worse. The situations in Baltimore, New York and Missouri have each shown that there is a growing problem with increased conflicts revolving around race. As Christians we look to the Bible to shape our thinking on all world issues, cultural battles and answers to questions and challenges of life. We look to the Bible to remind ourselves that we are all of one race, one blood created by the same God with the same parents.   Acts 17:24 states that He has “made of one blood of all nations.”  In Malachi 2:10 the prophet here raises the question “have we not all one Father, has not one God created us?  Why do we deal treacherously every man against his brother?”  When we remember we have the same God and Creator there should be no room for racism.  Evolutionary thinking that some races are superior by evolving stronger, smarter or faster have fostered racism.  When we reject the idea that there are few if any common threads among races due to evolution and accept the truth of the Bible that we are “one blood” from one family, one God and Creator the outcome should be peace and harmony even in a sinful world.  Behind racism is the sin of arrogance, pride and selfishness.  When one repents of their sin, turning from sin to Jesus who died and rose again with forgiveness, mercy and grace one can experience true unity with God and fellow man.  So let’s look back to the Bible, look to Jesus and follow Him to find a solution for the unnecessary tension among race relations today!