Spiritual Life Conference

What are you planning to focus on in 2017?  Maybe your new year’s resolutions focused on your health, your finances, maybe even your family or a hobby you enjoy!  What ever you plan to set your eyes on in 2017 it is important to set the pattern early in the year and give it your focus and commitment now.  May I suggest you consider a focus on your Spiritual Life?  Maybe you have already entered into the new year with that focus on your agenda.  Something that could help you start the new year with a focus on the spiritual is our Spiritual Life Conference at Flat Run Church.  On January 29 & 30th we are setting aside 3 special gatherings to focus on our Spiritual Life.  These sessions will be Sunday, January 29th at 10:30am and 6pm and Monday, January 30th at 7pm.  Each of these sessions will be preceded by a time of prayer.  45 minutes prior to each session there will be several different prayer groups you can join.  Once the sessions begin there will be a time of worship in song and a time of teaching.  We are excited to bring in as this year’s speaker, Dan Ruiz, pastor of Grace Fellowship Church in Cherry Valley, California.   Clear off your calendars now and join us for a time of Spiritual Refreshing as we focus on the Lord to start the year.