silly rabbit, Easter is for Jesus


Don’t get me wrong, rabbits can be a lot of fun…. to watch on t.v., to hunt, to eat, to have as a pet or even pretend they hide eggs on Easter morning.  I get it, I do it.  It is fun coloring eggs and hiding them (though the plastic ones are better because you can stuff them with chocolate and money).  A 6 foot bunny hiding eggs is a little freaky, but I like it.   But don’t forget Easter is not about finding a hidden egg, but rather it  is about Jesus who came alive out of the grave proving He is God and our Savior over sin. Make sure the kids get that. So color your eggs, hide them and find them and then hop on over to your local church that believes He is alive and celebrate the reason for the season.  And don’t forget to tell those silly rabbits, Easter is for Jesus!