good friday

Good Friday, Good?

Why do we call the day that Jesus was betrayed, tortured and murdered “Good Friday?”  What good can be found in a day like this?  Some traditions do take a different approach, like German Christians who speak of a “Sorrowful Friday.”  Is it just the mere power of positive thinking? Is there something we just don’t understand here? What is it that makes Good Friday “good?”  Here are just a couple of reasons that may help us understand why we call this day “good.”

  1.  We call it “good” because it is the day that God’s plan of salvation culminated in the payment for sin.  Without His death and shedding of His blood for us there would be no forgiveness of sin, no Heaven to enter, no relationship with God.
  2. We call it “good” because Sunday is coming and there is an empty tomb.  His empty tomb gives further confirmation that Jesus is fully God while His death shows us He was fully man. Without His death there is no resurrection and without His resurrection this Friday is not good news.  How much more glorious is Sunday because Jesus overcame death and hell to come alive again.
  3.  We call it “good” because His death is the only “good,” acceptable  and complete sacrifice to God the Father for our sin.  There is no other way of salvation and no other name under heaven that can save us.
  4. We call it “good” because this day has changed our lives.  God took us from being slaves to sin to His son’s and daughters. He took away our punishment of hell and gave us Heaven.  God gave us His Spirit to live in us, His presence to comfort us and His Word to lead us.  God has given us a new purpose and direction resulting in a changed life because of what He accomplished on Good Friday.

This day can be “good” for you as well.  Recognize that you have sinned and broken God’s commandments.  Turn from your sin and trust that Christ died for you on the cross and rose again.  If He is speaking to you, you can express this in talking to God through prayer. Romans 10:13 say’s that “whoever calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved.” For all that have believed on Christ, this day has become “good” for them!