Freedom for Sin or Service

We live in a day that desires liberation of every kind.  Men, children and women are demanding freedom to do as they please.  The strange thing is, is that some who are choosing a path of freedom, are enslaved in the bondage of drugs, alcohol, sexual pleasures, materialism and other forms of bonage.  Legalism offers a nice clean presentation that makes all of the expectations clear, but it is bondage.  Extreme liberty or libertinism  is about those who believe they are free to do whatever they want.  This group also leads us into bondage to the flesh, as we enslave ourselves to every whim and passion.  Practically this group believes freedom is for sin or whatever we want to do.  However, we see in Galatians 5:13 that we are given liberty to serve one another through love.  This is the true purpose of liberty, to serve others in love.  We must fight the temptation that freedom brings to consume it upon our selfish desires, remembering that liberty isn’t a license to sin, but an opportunity to serve others in love!  So let us use our new found liberty in Christ to labor for others in love.