Are you Spiritual?

Have you ever wondered what are the evidences of someone being spiritual?  Or how about pondering what is it the more spiritual people should be doing?  No?……..You probably don’t need to keep reading if your answer is no!   In Galatians 5 we are shown the evidences of what it looks like to be spiritual and not so spiritual, in the flesh.  In Galatians 6 we see that those walking in the Spirit, displaying the fruit of the Spirit are the ones called on to restore their fallen brothers and sisters in Christ.  Because the more spiritual have the fruit of the Spirit, love, joy, peace and gentleness, they are in the right position to gently and humbly lift up their brothers who are attempting to carry a very heavy load of temptation or spiritual warfare.    Those who are more spiritual restore the fallen, lift the burdened and examine themselves in the process.  This takes humility and understanding that we all can be overcome by the burdens of temptation and spiritual warfare if it was not for the grace of God using others to help us carry our burdens.  So are you the more spiritual one?  If so, allow God to use you to restore those fallen in sin and temptation without judgment and arrogance.   Lift the burdened and examine yourself and you will reap the blessing of God!