Are you ready to celebrate Christmas?


Preparing for Christmas can be one of the most exhausting exercises on the calendar!  The festivity of it all really is unlike any other experience that we enjoy in our culture today.  If you find yourself worn down  or maybe neglecting the true meaning for the celebration with all of the planning, shopping and decorating crowding your schedule, let me make a suggestion to keep the celebration Christ centered.  Plan to worship Him!

Worship Christ throughout the Advent season, including Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  We are tempted to feel as if we have missed Christmas if we do not shop or decorate properly but the reality is that we miss Christmas when we do not worship Him regularly during this season.

Worship Him alone and with family.  Find a good Advent devotional and follow some simple short Christmas readings on your own, with family or with others.  This helps build the suspense as we wait and prepare to celebrate His birth.  Begin December 1st or even a week or two prior to Christmas.

Worship Him with the Church on Sunday’s in December and on Christmas Eve.   Don’t give any credibility to the excuse that we are to busy with family, shopping or social events to commit to worshiping Him with His people in the Church.  While this season tends to be one of the busier for most, it is also the season where we can allow our resolve to worship Him together stay strong or renew it’s strength.

Worship Him with a gift.  Just as the wise men worshiped Jesus with valuable gifts so can we!  How awkward is it to celebrate someone’s birthday and give gifts to everyone but the person whose birthday we are celebrating?  Add Jesus to your gift giving list and bump Him to the top of the list while you are at it.   Consider making a sacrificial gift to God that honors His birth this Christmas season.

By planning to intentionally worship Him this Christmas our plans and priorities will be in place to celebrate His birth in a Christ centered way.   Merry Christmas!