April Fools Jokes

This morning I woke up early and began thinking of some very good practical jokes for the 1st of April.  I contemplated the picture of a head in a pickle jar or under the toilet seat, but it didn’t seem to be my style.  I almost ran to the store to get plain donuts and cover them with baking soda to appear like those white powdered donuts, but I just couldn’t justify wasting perfectly good donuts.  So for now I settled with a trade rumor for RG3 of the redskins.  The ideas I had coming were getting elaborate and I really couldn’t afford the time to invest in a joke.   But my mind wandered over to Proverbs with a word search for “fool.” “Fool” is used well over 50 times.  So if you really want to be a fool, here is the top 10 list on being a fool according to the book of proverbs.

10.  Wish someone would just shut up when they are telling you what you should do 1:7,22

9.   If you hear something bad about someone, share it.   10:18

8.  Think everything you do is right  12:15

7.  Laugh when you sin, when others sin or when someone tells a joke about sin. 14:9


6.  Think what your dad tells you is stupid 15:5

5.  Talk like a pervert 19:1

4.  Start a fight by just being “real”  20:3

3.  Eat up your own vomit like a dog or just keep committing the same sin 26:11

2.  Follow your own heart  28:26

1.  Let it go, vent all your feelings.  There is a pretty good song about that as well!   29:11